Ranchi Empowerment Centre (REC) established in 2016, is a non-profit committed to providing financial services, entrepreneurial skills development and micro credits to economically disadvantaged women engaged in micro business activities at the bottom of the pyramid.

Ranchi recognizes that these critical players who have been excluded from our financial system as a result of their inability to meet the requirements of the system, need customized business support facilities. As a result, Ranchi supports these critical stakeholders in our business ecosystem by bringing these much needed customized business support services to their door steps.

Given the need to provide adequate support to its clientele, Ranchi Centre utilizes a holistic support system to meet the business needs of its beneficiaries on every step of their business growth and income-generation journey. Our business support services includes, entrepreneurship training, financial advisory, provision of accessible and affordable business credit facilities, and skills development opportunities.

As at November of 2019, Ranchi has recorded a network of (10) branches servicing the business needs of over 45,000 women owned businesses at the bottom of the pyramid


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Repayment rate

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Satisfied customers

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What we stand for

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To empower and equip the economically active women in our community with tool and skills for personal and community transformation.


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To be recongnized as a one stop centre for providing financial and non-financial products and services to help alleviate poverty.


Building micro-businesses and facilitating financial inclusion for low income women